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No Jane of the Jungle

After a long term relationship pulled a titanic on me, and after more than a year of swearing off men, I decided towards the end of 2011 to put my big girl panties on and bravely go where no women with any curves dare go in a country that does not appreciate them.

I live in Korea, and have been for the past 18 months.  I have cleavage, lots of it, ample curves and a rather well cushioned butt. Things that Korean men have no use for. But I ventured forth never the less with a sense of confidence and an adventurous spirit into the unpredictable and sometimes dangerous world of dating. (Especially in a country where the only options are the small pool of English teachers or American military men).

It’s a bit like walking into the jungle, I guess. You arm yourself with things you think might be useful not knowing what kinds of strange animals you might cross paths with – some intelligence, a sense of humor, a dash of sexiness, a lot of dignity and an abundance of self respect, blah blah blah…I need to take a moment to sigh at this point. Silly me, I should have known that when entering the jungle you’re dealing with wild animals and not domesticated ones.  They don’t want to love you, protect you, be cared for, or cuddled by you.  No, they want to run wild, hunt, eat and then move on to the next hunt. Simple creatures really.

What I have learned from my little adventure is that I am no Jane of the jungle. I’m not overly excited about the leopard that changes his spots all the time, nor am I interested in the cheetah that doesn’t have the good sense to know that facebook is the best detective tool out there. And while I like affection the python is just offering more then I could possibly bear.

I’ll just stick to what works for me. A date with a generous slice of chocolate cake – sweet, delicious, comforting and completely satisfying.


7 thoughts on “No Jane of the Jungle

  1. A date with a Korean man may be enough to put you off men for life…I hope you didnt try that….especially a Daegu man (are you in Daegu?)…which would be a shame…especially how’s you seem no nice.

    • lol…thanks Glen, not sure if it’s 1,2 or 3 n’s? Yes I’m in Daegu and NO never dated a Korean. I heard too many comical stories from friends and even my female Korean colleagues advised against it. I’m in the last stretch of my second year in Daegu and the countdown to leave is on…..Why did I stay for a second year? A moment of madness made me believe I could do it. I identified with everything in your post by the way.

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