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What happens when you give a woman a comb and a bra!

I’ve heard that a while, while back when we lived in caves, we used to be Gatherers, and then a while back when caves became houses we used to Clean and Care For, and then at some point, back there, when we left the caves that became houses, we Worked, a little, apparently.

And I’ve also heard that one day, after the cavewoman combed her hair and tucked in her boobs, she got a little attitude and called herself a housewife.

And after the housewife cooked a casserole and baked a cake, polished the floor and dusted the furniture, nursed the child and balanced the budget, she got even more attitude, and even a little lip, and called herself a secretary.

And after the secretary made coffee and typed a few lines, answered the phone and wrote down some messages, arranged appointments and organised meetings she looked around the room and realised ………..

that if the cavemen disguised as businessmen, who surrounded her, who beat their chests and scratched their balls, could run a business, then so could she.

So, with her new attitude, manicured nails and little heels, she stepped out of line and sent her daughters to university, started her own business , bought her own car and started telling her caveman, who, where, what, why and how. Can you imagine? The cheek of her.

And now things are getting completely out of hand.  Her daughters are running countries, owning networks, managing corporations, starting businesses, buying property, investing money, becoming powerful and dare we say independent.

If you ask her daughter of the 21st century when she’s going to find a husband, her response is… “hus-band? What is that? A new type of hair accessory?” OR

Aren’t you worried about your biological clock going tick tock…..”Biological clock? Girl, please , that’s so yesteryear,  I’ll  just adopt” OR

Do you have a boyfriend?…. “I do actually, his name is Vibrator. When I talk, he listens. When I work late, he doesn’t call or complain, he understands.  When I get home and put my feet up after a long stressful day, he doesn’t ask what’s for dinner. And when I need a massage, he gives me one, willingly. Anyhoo, nice chatting, I’ve gotta run, run the World, that is. Bye ”

The caveman is sitting on his rock and shaking his head, wondering where and how it all went wrong. He had it under control for so long. See what happens when you give a woman a comb and a bra?  Tsk. Tsk.


4 thoughts on “What happens when you give a woman a comb and a bra!

      • ok will give it some thought.But Think abt using twitter and FB for making the request. How you frame it will be important but its doable? I say Put it out there and see if there’s a response.

      • Will give it some thought. Think about using twitter and FB. How you frame it is important but doable. I think put it out there and see if there’s a response?

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