Leanne Tee

 Dear Lisa Marie,

I wanted to share a few thoughts. Just my thoughts…

Your imbalance is a perfectly good sign. At the risk of sounding loopy, you’re on that yellow brick road. Exploring that unknown road, which at times can mask itself as a dangerous alleyway filled with grisly unwanted friends, is like an initiation. Each step taken cuts another string loose, a spiral of emotions. With each step, the screws are loosened. 

In this face off, balance is improbable.What is probable, is the revelation of a wonderfully creative force.  

Journaling the imbalance is the balance you seek. Synchronicity. Much like life. It is all things in one.The Yin Yang.

And when you see both, the Goddess in you begins to lift her eyes. The corners of her lips begin to turn upwards, revealing the faint beginnings of a smile. The Mona Lisa.

You find yourself staring at the…

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