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Detox, de-tach, de- clutter

I think we all face the reality of a detox at some point in our lives. Sometimes we do it and sometimes fear stops us from taking the “next step”. It could be a detox necessary for our health, body, mind, spirit and sometimes just a toxic relationship. If you do decide to detox you’ll find that one area automatically affects another. It’s like a domino effect. The body releases toxins and you start to feel healthier, then your thoughts become clearer, feelings and emotions rise to the surface which can then be dealt with etc etc. I think this is a great blog to read if you want to take that next step or if you just curious to know what this detox thing is about.

Leanne Tee

There is nothing heroic about doing a detox but the accomplishment can em-power you.

I’d like to say that the idea to detox came “out of the blue” but on reflection I think it’s more accurate to say it was a subliminal message (i.e. feeling) from my body to self that I happened to acknowledge. And then when I tuned into a testimonial TV ad about body cleansing and detoxing I took it as a sure sign from the universe. So I obliged.

After some research, I decided on a juice detox and went with the beginner cleanse option. Being new to the idea of juice for food I figured this would be best. The key concept here is to replace solid food for liquid food that contains combinations of greens and fruit. Yummy!


I wouldn’t want to overstate my position and say I was in a dire situation…

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