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How Do You Get Fat in the Land of Skinny?

Who comes to the Land of Skinny and gets fat? This girl does. When I did eventually jump on a scale for a medical my initial reaction was the scale’s broken. Has to be. Just in case it wasn’t I mentally deducted 1 kg for my sneakers and 2 kg’s for my clothes. That felt slightly better. But still how did I gain all those kg’s? I then went to a friend’s house and jumped on her scale just to prove that the doctor’s was broken. Well now I was just pissed, 2 broken scales, what’s up with this?

I got home and all I could think about was how I could have allowed myself to put on 8kg’s. Yes I’ll say it again, 8kg’s. Bearing in mind that when I left South Africa I was still trying to get to my ideal weight (60kg). So in reality fatty boom boom over here was thundering in at her heaviest EVER, 18 kg’s over her ideal weight. Can you hear my silent scream?

Nothing like a reality check to get your fat ass into action, so I initiated the #STOPJANANDA2012 campaign in March. I’ve been at it for  2 months now so I thought I’d give you a little update. Firstly, this has not been easy, I’ve had to adjust things here and there but now that I’ve been able to make eating healthy a habit and not just a choice, it has become so much easier.

Here’s the headline news: (drum roll please)

  • I am now 6kg’s lighter. That ‘broken scale’ and my clothes told me so.
  • I have lost this weight just on eating healthy and not exercising. I’m working myself up to the exercising bit. In this area of my life I struggle to multi task. Baby steps.
  • I give myself one day off a week .  And I’ve shocked myself with the responsible adult that I’ve become because even on these days I’ve steered towards the healthy.
  • I’ve become THAT person. You know the person you say you’ll never become. Yes, I count calories, I look at fat content, I eat whole wheat, brown over white, low GI, low fat….the list could go on and on.
  • I don’t drink any alcohol
  • Somehow, the unimaginable has happened and I’ve become an almost vegetarian. I’m still eating chicken and some seafood.
  • I still have friends although I think they have suffered the most. My social life, although it wasn’t much before, is even less now. Because I haven’t been exercising I’ve limited my eating out to my one day off a week. I still see my friends regularly we just not having George Clooney parties anymore.
  • Making healthy eating a habit has forced me to be disciplined.

I’ve kept a really simple eating plan which I prescribed to myself. I have an apple or orange for breakfast, chicken/tuna salad and fruit for lunch and either soup, vegetables and chicken or a small portion of whole wheat pasta and vegetables for dinner. Plain nuts in between meals if I’m hungry.  I have a sweet tooth so an orange after dinner cures my need for a chocolate. And I eat dinner by 6:30 and drink 2L of water a day religiously.

I’ve tried to eat healthy many times before and given up after a week or two. The only reason I’m managing to do it now is because my mind and body are in total alignment. I’ve also had to deal with my emotional eating which is a biggie. Instead of being my own worst critic I’ve become my own best cheerleader. And when you have a cheerleader on your side how could you go wrong?


I’ll continue to keep you updated on this journey. I have a long way to go.

Have a  wonderful weekend everyone!


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