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Tuning into another frequency!

Have you ever felt like just checking out for a while? Running away from everyone and everything? Not answering the phone, the texts, the emails, the husband, the children, the boyfriend, the girlfriend, the parents. De-activating facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, stumbleupon, instagram and on and on. Blocking everything out.

As if we are not busy enough all this technology makes us feel as though we need to be checked into everything all the time. Suddenly now every spare moment we have is taken up with thoughts of “maybe I should check facebook one more time. It’s already been about a minute, maybe I missed out on something”. Like what?

Recently I’ve been feeling like I need to check out from checking in. My brain is constantly on zinggggggg. I need some zang. Last night while I had another one of my wonderfully immobilizing headaches, I thought, is running away really running away. Maybe it’s not running AWAY but running TOWARDS. Like yourself?

I did that once you know. I ran away. You know when you have that feeling that everyone is snatching parts of you, wanting something, needing something, expecting something. Like your pantry has just been raided. They’ve taken all the good stuff and left the shelves bare.

Well I’d never been away on my own before but I packed my little bag, got on a plane, nerves and all, and took myself to a secluded cottage called South Winds that is on the outskirts of Simon’s Town in South Africa.






There were no neighbors, no telephone, no cell phone reception, no TV, no radio, no computer.  My only company was the mountain behind me, the ocean in front of me and the birds serenading me.

I had nothing to do but just wake up and BE. I read books, I walked barefoot on the sand, I collected sea shells, I listened to the birds, I listened to the ocean, I took morning naps on the warm rocks, I meditated and mostly I wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I delved into the layers of ME. And when I couldn’t write anymore I just sat quietly looking out into the ocean, into the abundance, into Life.

Good place for an afternoon nap:

I changed dials and settled on a different frequency. I tuned into nature and inadvertently myself. As a result time slowed down dramatically. I started to notice things. Like the different species of birds and their specific sounds, like the different shades of blue and gray of the ocean, like the delicious feeling of the warm sun on your skin, like the intensity of color on plants and the roundness of some rocks.

Tuning into a different frequency forced me to change the dials in my mind. I re-membered ME and I re-membered that all art and creativity is an imitation of, or inspiration from nature. While we can’t always physically take ourselves to another place to un-wind and get some zang, we can switch off the TV, radio, phone, computer and internet connection. Try it, I dare you!





Cape Point in the background:



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