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For Phili She Pines

It’s this time of year when I start stripping. In the privacy of my own home I mean, and maybe for a few of my neighbors. No-one’s complained yet so I’m guessing its all good. We are well into averaging 30 degree Celsius weather now with a good dose of humidity, just in case the heat alone wasn’t enough. I mean sweating before 9am just isn’t pretty. In my previous post I spoke about how this weather makes me wish for a beer and gets me thinking about holidays. Well, here is another good place to enjoy a beer:

In the Philipines, a San Miguel in hand. If Mozambique is an African paradise then the Philipines is an Asian paradise. We spent 2 days in Manila, I would skip that (unless you enjoy a seedy kinda environment then by all means do your thing) and transfer directly to Puerto Princessa.

There are many things to do in Puerto Princessa, namely the Underground River which is now one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World or something along those lines. That was ok, but even more spectacular though was the food at Kinabuch’s restaurant. You can tell what my priorities are, can’t you? Please have the garlic prawns, pretty pretty please.

After a short stay in Puerto Princessa, and a horrific 6 hour mini bus ride on gravel road we arrived in a little piece of heaven and our REAL holiday began.


Due to the difficulty in getting to El Nido, not that many tourists venture there. Possibly also because there is no electricity between 6am and 2pm. We had no bookings, no accommodation and no plan. No problem. Head straight to the Art Cafe where all central intelligence is held.

We stayed at Rosanna’s Cottages. This is the view from our deck:

Here’s how you know you’ve had a good holiday:

finishing a book under a palm tree ( kafka on the shore by haruki murakami)

walking along old streets that haven’t had a modern make-over:

chilling on a private island

pinocaladas, fresh barbecued fish on the beach, chatting to old friends & meeting new ones

some adventure


finding secluded beaches

having too many cocktails which nobody ever needs to know about

and watching sunsets (which speak for themselves)

P A R A D I S E!


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