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Why I’m choosing to be job-less, home-less and car-less!

In less then 60 days I will be job-less, home-less and car-less. Yes that’s right; I’ll be less less less. How would you feel about that? Scared? Worried? Stressed?

Well, I’m about to have a showdown with the Unknown and I strangely have never felt better. In fact, I’m relishing the prospect of it.

Could I be updating my CV? Yes. Could I be looking for a job? Yes. Could I be looking for a car? Yes. Could I be looking for an apartment? Yes.

Am I going to? No

No no and no.

And I know you’re probably thinking I need to be committed right now. You know, to one of those places where everything is white and sterile and zombie-like.  And who knows? Maybe I do

All I’m saying is that I have choices and I’m choosing to say NO…….right now. Gasp! Why would I say no to a job, home and car?

The answer is simple really, because I don’t want to be tied down to decisions that are based on what’s in my headspace. I want to follow what’s in my heartspace.


It all starts like this: You need a degree to get a good job. Then when you have that, you need your masters to get a good job. Then when you have that they say, oops, see here, you have no experience. Then you need experience to get a good job.

So with your degree and masters and who knows what else, you start your career at the far end of the board room table and try to manoeuvre your way around it so that you end up at the head of the board room table.  And why do you do this? Because sitting at the head of the board room table gives you that big bloated salary which in turns gets you that shiny sports car and that beautifully sculpted home with all those designer gadgets.

I lived in this headspace for a while and even had a sliver of a career and a well padded bank account, a pretty little home, a nice car and a few gadgets. You would think a person might be happy with all this, wouldn’t you? I know, I’m such an ungrateful little cow: the more I got, the harder I worked and the more I earned, the more depleted I felt. On paper my life seemed a success but the problem was it was not significant. Not to me anyway.


This is where what you do is what you love. It’s an extension of who you are. It flows from you. It leaves you feeling Full. Of. Joy. It gives you a rush. It expands you. It challenges you to leap.

For me this is about Creation. The Arts. Design. Food. Travel. It’s about breathing life into all those small ideas I have and giving them a chance to become big.

We’ve been given the gift of choice in this life. We get to choose full vs. empty; nourishing vs. depleting; love vs. fear; risk vs. safety.

The thing is most of us choose on the side of comfort. We choose the clear path, the one where we can already see what’s in the distance. We choose to stand in the shelter trying to protect ourselves from the rain.

And I’m not saying there is any wrong or right in this. I’m just saying it’s not for me.

I’m saying no to a job because I’m choosing to believe in my ideas and abilities. I want to work on my own projects. I’m saying no to an apartment because I’m choosing the freedom to lay down roots in a country other than my own. I want to continue to explore the world. I’m saying no to a car because I’m choosing to live in a place with a great public transport system. I want to feel safe taking a walk or riding a bike.

I’m choosing to make a dash for it and risk getting wet. I may slip and slide along the way. I may even fall. I may get soaked. But if you’ve ever taken a walk or had to run in the rain, you’ll know it leaves you feeling refreshed and completely alive.

And it’s in that aliveness that I’m choosing to live. This does not mean that everything will turn out all right and I’ll find a gold pot at the end of the rainbow. It just means that I’ll be happy with me no matter what happens or where I end up.

The magical thing about life is that we don’t all have to make the same choices to feel our energy rising. My risk is not necessarily yours. My path to personal fulfilment is not necessarily the same as yours. My passions are not necessarily yours. My dreams are not necessarily yours.

We are all connected though, in that the source of life comes from the same place. The source of love comes from the same place and the source of happiness comes from the same place. And that is within us.

Tapping into it is a choice.

What are you going to choose to do?


8 thoughts on “Why I’m choosing to be job-less, home-less and car-less!

  1. One of my favourite quotes was to Mustafa Davis from his father who said, ‘Do what you love and the money will come, and if it doesn’t, you spent your life doing what you love!’

    The idea of less inspires me but the reality is a different, more daunting story 😉

  2. Right On Lisa! The most fulfilling path is not always the one with rails to hold you up and padded stones in case you fall. It is what brings joy to your life, which will guarenteed, lead to joy for those around you. That is what I believe at any rate. Your journey is inspiring to me 🙂

  3. Don’t you think we can have both? Is it possible that what is in your heartspace overlaps with what is in your headspace? I hate having to choose one or the other, shouldn’t the goal be to try to find that balance between both? Anyways, don’t knock the fat salary…..the heartspace gives you the desire and ability to love shoes, the headspace allows you to indulge in that weird obsession!

    • The thing with operating out of the headspace is that it is mostly driven by ego. From my experience that does not bring much joy at all. Abundance is possible through many channels including the heartspace. Why would I want to balance both?

      Work is love made visible – Kahlil Gibran.

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